Blue Badge Verification & how It works

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Why should I get my Facebook page Verified?

Getting your page Verified isn’t something you have to do, today it’s a Must!

There are distinct advantages to having that prestigious Blue Verification Badge...Add’s Legitimacy to your Business.

Making your page officials sends the message that you’re serious and trustworthy. It definitely adds legitimacy and credibility to your business by letting your customers know you’re the service provider they should turn to.

Customers Feel more Secure.

If you’re a customer it’s always nice to know that the business page you like is the official one. Particularly, if you’re looking to engage with that business, regarding a return, a complaint, or a general customer service query. If they get confirmation your page is the real one they will trust more in you.

Improve’s your Page Ranking.

Verification improves your ranking in local search. This means if a potential customer looks for a specific service using the Facebook search bar, your business will show up higher in the results. Google expressly confirmed it, your verification badge will play a huge role in your search engine ranking.

In this video, we show the basics of gaining a verification badge. However, a Blue Badge Verification is much more complicated. Whatsmore if the applicable page is not correctly set-up or indeed yet recognized as transparent by Facebook, many will not even see the Verify option within their settings. In either case, this is where we come in.


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